September 12, 2010

King Salmon: The Big Catch

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In this realistic fishing simulation you’ll need to be crafty, cunning, and quick on your seat, especially when you set the hook. These babies aren’t dubbed king for nothing, they’ll fight to the death, and if you’re not good you’ll never land a catch. Enter the ultimate fishing derby or drop your line for fun. King Salmon promises to be the catch of your life; hook, line, and sinker! Featuring realistic Chinook fishing environments; Special password memory game resume; Player selectable equipment options; Leisure and Championship modes.

RAM Burglar has been playing games for at least 25 years. Born in Australia, he relocated to the States in 2001 - an N64 and Dreamcast packed snug in his luggage. A fan of SEGA and Shenmue his ultimate dream is to see Shenmue III released.


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