Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars: Review – SEGA Master System (1988)

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Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars is the kind of game you’d expect a seven-year-old girl to make if you gave her a bunch of random backgrounds and sprites and said, “make something cute, funny, and scary” stressing, “it doesn’t have to make sense. Just have some fun with it!” It features nothing you might have enjoyed about Alex Kidd in Miracle World or platformers in general. Players must guide Alex through 12 levels with each one representing a Zodiac sign or “Lost Star.” Alex has a dull move-set which revolves almost completely around walking right and jumping to avoiding enemies. There’s also a weird projectile power-up that somehow manages to be less fun than simply jumping over the enemies.
The levels are bizarre and full of random, unrelated objects even within the context of a particular stage – let alone within the game as a whole. You’ll have to make it through a strange factory that looks like something you’d create if you had to build one using random parts left over from other factories. There’s also a toy themed level where players must contend with walking playing-cards, dogs that bark the letters B O W  W O W, and platforms made from dominoes. The game itself is not terribly complex and could be completed in one short sitting. The music is sickeningly cheerful and the sound effects are appropriately happy – apart from the sound Alex makes when he dies. Overall, though – the game is a dud and the least enjoyable Alex Kidd game of the bunch.

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